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Bounce Back from Heavy Holiday Meals

6 Ways to Cancel Out the Damage to Your Diet after Thanksgiving

This year, there’s no need to raise eyebrows or offend anyone by avoiding certain dishes or refusing to partake in a delicious holiday meal. Go ahead, dig in and enjoy yourself! Just be ready to bounce back once the celebration is over.

Below are 6 tips that will wake you from your food coma the next day:

Get Moving

This may seem obvious, but with many of us having been confined to our homes for much of this year, it could be easy to just do nothing, and lie around the day after a big family gathering. Instead of laying in bed, or binge watching TV, go for a jog or a walk to burn off some of those extra calories you just consumed. If the weather doesn’t cooperate, work up a quick sweat at home with a modified barre class or an at-home mobility workout.

Focus on Hydration

We tend to reach for the soda, juice, or alcohol more than the glass of water on days where we’re celebrating and catching up with friends and family. Make up for that the next day by making a plan to drink 64 ounces of water. (which is the recommended amount of water you should be drinking per day)

It seems like a lot, but you can reach that target by 4 16oz glasses of water throughout the day. 1 at breakfast, 1 at lunch, 1 before dinner, and 1 before you go to sleep and you’re officially hydrated.

Avoid Eating More Empty Calories

All the things that make holiday food so great, the stuffing, the mac and cheese, the cakes, pies, and sugary desserts are the things that we don’t want our bodies to get used to. So don’t double up on these foods the next day. Some leftover turkey and vegetables are fine, but go for a healthier side like brown rice, barley, or quinoa.

Get Some Sleep

The big meal will certainly help with you get some good sleep the night of, but the night after is just as important. Sleep is the first step to feeling like yourself the next day, so if you stayed up late celebrating, go to bed early the day after and catch up on hours of recovery for your body. Feeling rested will make it easier to follow through with everything else.

Plan Healthy Meals for the Next Week

It’s back to reality for you and your diet. When planning your meals for the next few days, try to counteract everything that you just indulged in for the holiday. Reduce portion sizes, add more fresh produce, scale back on the desserts, and cook those meals with as little oil, butter, salt, and sugar as possible.

Don’t Judge Yourself

Great food, prepared by our friends and loved ones, during the holiday season is something that no one should go without. You shouldn’t feel guilty partaking nor should you be upset with yourself for being stuffed, sluggish, or tired the next day. Put yourself in the proper mindset that everything you indulged in can be balanced out with the right actions post holiday.